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One great thing about the Internet is that you can subscribe to newsletters from the sites you like to visit, for free. Once you subscribe, their newest issues show up automatically in your email. You can create folders in your email to file the issues as they appear, so you can look at them later. You don’t even have to remember the URL or remember to look at your favorites. They just send them to you.

If you are ever stuck for ideas, these newsletters seem to arrive just in time with the solution to your story problem, or to jog your memory for a new story.

One site that I have subscribed to is www.poetryfoundation.org. You can sign up for any of the following: PoetryFoundation.org—biweekly updates and feature stories, Poetry Magazine—a preview of the upcoming issue, Poem of the Day—a daily poem via email, or American Life in Poetry—a weekly column. I subscribe just to Poem of the Day, which gives me the inspiration to keep writing.

Publisher’s Weekly offers several free newsletters. You can sign up at www.publishersweekly.com/pw/email-subscriptions/index.html. You can get PW Daily Newsletter, which has the day’s deals and personnel moves, as well as blogging updates. Children’s Bookshelf is a semi-weekly (Tues & Thurs) of breaking news, stories on new books, rights, author interviews, and book reviews for children’s and young adult publishing. PW Tip Sheet, which is released each Friday, reports on books hitting stores in the next week and includes PW editors’ picks for the best new books, interviews with authors, original essays from bestselling writers, and exclusive excerpts. There is even a newsletter for PW Comics World, which arrives semi-monthly. This newsletter features top stories, business trends, artist, publisher profiles, and graphic novel publishing. It includes release schedules of upcoming titles.

Publisher’s Weekly offers two newsletters for self-publishing: The BookLife, which is weekly, and BookIt, which is monthly. The BookLife newsletter contains self-publishing news, reviews, author interviews, tips, and insider know-how. BookIt contains updates from PW’s sales and marketing staff about opportunities to promote your brand in PW.

One essential resource for free newsletters for children’s writers is School Library Journal: https://shop.mediasourceinc.com/newssubslj.aspx. Extra Helping (twice a week) is for keeping children’s librarians up-to-date on breaking news. It has feature interviews with the hottest names in children’s literature. SLJTeen (twice a month) provides the latest news on books, graphic novels, anime, music, and games for teens. Curriculum Connections (monthly) reviews the latest books for children and young adults, and links these materials to the curriculum. SLJ Events Alerts occasionally provide information about Library Journal webcasts and events.

By subscribing to just a few of these sites, you can stay up-to-date on the children’s publishing industry with just a few minutes a day.

Narda Lacey Fargotstein is the author of The Whole Computer Catalog and Articles on Women Writers, Vols. I and II. Narda is always looking for new Net sites and suggestions for future columns. E-mail nfargotstein@yahoo.com.