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IMG_0590We love our volunteers at SCBWI and couldn’t exist without them! “Volunteer Spotlight” is a great way to get to know them for yourself and learn more about what they do – and how you can volunteer. Now meet Catherine Lee, Kite Tales Illustrative Liaison:

In mid 2012, Kite Tales, a blog for the Southern California, Central California, and Los Angeles tri-regional chapters of SCBWI, was looking for a volunteer for the Illustrative Liaison position. The position entails finding talented illustrators to share their perspectives, work, and insights on the blog each quarter. I saw the post on the LA bulletin board and emailed them. Much to my surprise, they emailed back offering the position with a detailed description. I took the offer, and it’s been nice.

FullSizeRenderBeing a part of a global organization for children’s artists and writers mostly made up of volunteers is kind of a neat thing. It’s a nice position to hold. In addition, there are so many artists with so much talent, it’s hard to choose. I run into some talented artists either by default on the internet, Facebook, or through book stores and library visits. However, since it’s to help and feature artists in the Southern California region, I’ve made an extra effort to find them.

FullSizeRender-1For example, I got to feature Arree Chang, children’s author and illustrator, because his work is fun, and there’s a lack of adventurous boy books in the children’s market. And what little boy wouldn’t resist a story of a boy ninja? And recently, I was able to have Carloyn Le, a fantastic illustrator who uses a traditional method, do an article for us. All these illustrators have inspiring stories that can help other struggling or working artists with a boost to continue their endeavor.

CLPhotoI’m currently working part time as an illustrator and writer, perfecting my portfolio and working on finding an agent later this year. My work can be found at www.catelee.org




Learn more about volunteering with SCBWI, all the great perks and freebies it entails, and what positions are open. We need everything from graphic designers to social media coordinators to event hosts. If you want to give back, we’ll find a place for you!

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