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by Sally Jones Rogan, Co-Regional Advisor, SCBWI – Los Angeles

Hello SCBWI –Los Angeles! If you attended our recent Writer’s Day at the Skirball Cultural Center, you will already know that Sarah Laurenson shared some rather “big” regional news. After many years as Co-Regional Advisor, first with Lee Wind and then with yours truly, Sarah has decided to step down for a well-earned rest!


Sally Jones Rogan (left) and Sarah Laurenson (right)

It was on Sarah and Lee’s watch that SCBWI obtained its nonprofit status. With that came more rules, regulations, more scrutiny—and many more RA volunteer hours needed than ever before. Sarah tackled all of these new challenges with aplomb and by the time I came onboard three years ago, there was a “system” in place for just about everything! Who knew that spreadsheets could be an art form?

Our region has since grown both in membership and events; many members can personally attest to Sarah’s dedication. We know that she will miss being a Co-RA—but probably not as much as we’ll miss her!

We hope that you will bear with us during these times of transition as we welcome, on June 1, 2016, my new partners in all things SCBWI-LA: Nutschell Anne Windsor. Stepping into her shoes as the new Assistant Regional Advisor, will be board member, Kim Wildman. We will continue to build upon the foundations of the many esteemed Regional Advisors who have gone before us.

Many thanks to our Advisory Board members and our dedicated volunteers, without whom the region could not function.

Thank you, Sarah!

Finally, a reminder that news and events are regularly updated at Los Angeles Region: losangeles@scbwi.org  SCBWI Head Office at: scbwi.org  and Kite Tales blog.