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16150916042_0fd05ec8a8_kPuppy dogs and fairy queens, stars and wishes and unseen things . . . as a community of writers and illustrators, we have wondrous tales to spin and dazzling visuals to design. Our hope is that you find in this new year your strongest voice ever. For there are children waiting, children who need your stories of hope and love and adventure and triumph in their hands. Tell yourself, for them, that this is your year, and mean it.

All our best to all our Los Angeles SCBWI members from the Regional Team and Board

wdid2017_tsbannerUpcoming Events

On Saturday, February 25, we’ll once again be at the beautiful Skirball Cultural Center for Writers and Illustrators Day, combining two favorite events into one great day. Morning keynote speakers, lunch, and a choice of two afternoon breakout sessions are included in the price of registration.

We have a terrific lineup of presenters, including keynote and breakout speakers Melissa Manlove (editor at Chronicle Books), Pam Gruber (senior editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), Lisa Cron (UCLA instructor, author of Wired for Story), and Clelia Gore (head of the children’s literature department at Martin Literary Management).

Here are some titles of the sure-to-be inspirational talks:

Melissa Manlove, Editor, Chronicle Books – “What We Say Without Saying: Developing Voice in the Text and Art of Picture Books”

Clelia Gore, Agent, Martin Literary Management – “The Interplay Between Art and Text in Picture Books”

Lisa Cron, Author, UCLA Writers’ Program Instructor – “A Readers Manifesto – 16 Hardwired Expectations Every Reader Brings to Every Story They Read”

Pam Gruber, Senior Editor, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers – Immersive World-building

Register here if you haven’t already!

Also in 2017, look for LA Times Festival of Books in April, Critiquenic in June, the ever-popular Working Writer’s Retreat in September, and one new illustrator event TBA.  The Annual Summer Conference is scheduled at the JW Marriot at LA Live July 7-9, with optional intensives on July 10. Save the dates! This is earlier than ever. Look for registration to open in early spring.

16010726440_a11fa10cce_kMuch Thanks

Heartfelt thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who work hard to inspire and support our 1,300 members. This year, we hope to have more in store for our illustrators with the appointment of our new Illustrator Coordinator, Lisze Bechtold. Welcome, too, to Jessica Chrysler, our new social media coordinator. We’d like to thank Christine Van Zandt for all her hard work as she steps down as Kite Tales co-editor. Erlina Vasconcellos joins us as assistant editor, working with editor Sarah Parker-Lee to bring Kite Tales to your in-box to continue to inspire and inform. And our ongoing thanks to LitMingle Coordinators for continuing to host free social gatherings on behalf of SCBWI.

Finally, please check our website for up-to-date news and information on all the events important to our SCBWI community.

Los Angeles Region: losangeles@scbwi.org
SCBWI Head Office: scbwi.org

L.A. Regional Team enjoy a break from the Summer Conference at The Last Bookstore.

L.A. Regional Team at The Last Bookstore: Nutshell Windsor & Sally Jones Rogan, Co-Regional Advisors, Kim Wildman, Assistant Regional Advisor, SCBWI-Los Angeles


Written by Kim Wildman, Assistant Regional Advisor, SCBWI-Los Angeles

Images: Takashi .M, Lisze Bechtold, LA Times Festival of Books, Virginia L., Kim Wildman