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We asked attendees at Los Angeles Writers & Illustrators Day 2017 what the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators community means to them. From critique groups and partners on the journey to publishing to new lunch-friends and small-world connections, the day was full of smiles, introductions, and proof that a gaggle of introverts can build a thriving, dynamic community. As it turns out, we’re all just a big bunch of super supportive people who can’t get enough of each other! Here are just some of the things we heard:

“SCBWI community is the difference between a solitary pursuit and a supported endeavor; it’s where you can find your people.” – Kara Wilson (Picture Book Runner-Up, 3rd from the left)

“SCBWI community helps connect you with the most amazing writers groups.” – Carolyn Craft, who found a group that’s now critiquing and meeting monthly!

“SCBWI is a safe family.” – Lisa Saint (3rd from the left)

“SCBWI is a small world!” – Mariel and Chey, who just discovered they know someone in common–a friend/sister–but they never met each other until today!

“SCBWI community means kindred spirits in a safe place.” – Lorian Levy-Holm

Kate & Michele at lunch.

“SCBWI community validates that [getting published] is a journey and makes that feel real vs. there is only published and unpublished.” – Kate Korsh

“SCBWI community means it’s always easy to talk to people because you know you have something in common.” – Michele Mccole Moss

“SCBWI community is supportive and welcoming. We’re all going in the same direction! Everyone is so helpful, kind, and warm.” – Anita McLaughlin

“SCBWI is awesome, inviting, informative–it means I have up to date info on the kid lit industry and a super supportive community.” – Andrea Loney (clapping, bottom right)

“SCBWI community means connection, inspiration, and unconditional support.” – Donn Swaby

Well, there you have it! If you aren’t part of the community, but would like to be, we would love to have you! To find out how you can join the SCBWI, click here. And if you want more info on how to make the most of our community, check out the Los Angeles Region website!

If you’re already a member and would like to contribute to the “Community Corner,” email us for more info.


Images provided by Christine Van Zandt for SCBWI Los Angeles.

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