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By Ann Rousseau Smith, SCBWI CenCal News Liaison

Wouldn’t it be nice if editors approached you, asking if you’re available to write a book? That’s the reality of the work-for-hire market, for fiction, nonfiction, or illustration. If you’d like to learn the secret to breaking in through work-for-hire, what to send and how to be successful, SCBWI-CenCal and Capstone Senior Managing Editor, Curriculum Strategy Christine Peterson have a webinar made just for you!

Capstone is a publisher of K-8 children’s books and digital solutions for libraries, classrooms, and consumers headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota. Christine has been with Capstone for 16 years, and has specialized in nonfiction content for K-5 students, including supplemental nonfiction texts, guided reading and literacy support materials, and curriculum instruction. They need writers and illustrators for their projects, but what are the benefits to you?

“Writing for the work-for-hire market means writing to tight deadlines, but those quick turn-around schedules mean you can publish a large quantity of books in a short time span, plus hone your craft on a condensed schedule, and gain valuable experience working with editors,” says Rebecca Langston-George, a longtime member of the SCBWI Central-Coastal California region and its current Regional Advisor, who has worked on many assignments with Capstone.“I’m a far more confident and skilled writer for having written twelve books in six years and I’m grateful for the experience work-for-hire has offered me. As a bonus, some of my books have won awards and one was recently featured in the Scholastic Book Club catalog.”

Sounds good! So how do you get work with Capstone or other work-for-hire groups? Start by familiarizing yourself with their products. Capstone and other work-for-hire companies usually need to see a writing sample or an illustration or two before choosing a contributor, so use that research to create a great sample! And if you still have questions, sign up for this informative and lively webinar taking place on Saturday, April 13, at 9:30 am to 11:00 am PST. The event will be recorded, so you can view live or view the recording.

Additional Details:

Fee: $15 SCBWI members; $30 Non-members

The recording will be available for two weeks following the event. Since a video recording will be available, there will be no cancellations or refunds.

For registration, go to break-in-with-work-for-hire-webinar.

Questions: Contact Rebecca Langston-George at cencal-ra@scbwi.org.

What are you waiting for, sign up today!

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Images provided by SCBWI Central-Coastal Region