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You may have heard about writer’s block, or have gotten stuck mid-way through a story or a sketch. Maybe you’ve redrawn the same scene multiple times only to have to throw away the paper after you’ve erased right through it. These times can be tough, and it’s hard to pick up that pencil and keep going. But that’s what you’ve got to do.

There are ways to break out of the creative rut and maintain energy as you head toward that finish line. And just as the work is individual to the artist, so is the process. Here are just a few ways you can plow through the block.

Ask Yourself…

One way to figure out when and why you might be getting stuck in your story is to take note of when it happens. Were you writing at a different time of the day? Were you assailed by text messages from your family or friends, by chance? Did you click over to do a quick web search and get sucked into the wormhole of the internet?

All of these things can be a trigger for us to stop what we are doing, manifesting a sort of physical anxiety that prevents our brains from continuing the process of creation. Some events are more obvious than others, but when we are in the middle of writing or drawing, trying to visualize the story in front of us, we need to be aware of what keeps us in the moment and what will draw us out. When we know what these triggers are, we can then know how to either work around them or remove them, using tools like app blockers or a timer to keep us in check.

Find Your Motivation

A great way to stay motivated is to keep a routine, which can easily be defined as a set time or place that we put ourselves in to create. But more important than the time or place is the mindset that we bring with us when we begin. What are you creating now and why is it this time or place that gets you motivated? Keeping track of your progress in a calendar or a diary can also keep your mind focused on the goal, especially with a long project.

Get Your Plow Ready

Most importantly, allow yourself to crash into that block and feel your way around it. If you can identify the thing preventing you from moving forward, more than likely you’ll be able to find a solution to it. It may take a few tries and some digging, but if you can visualize what’s ahead trust that you’ll be able to plow through. 

Already have an idea of how to plow through your block? Share with us your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com.