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by R.S. Mellette

The L.A. Times Festival of Books is back in person—and as in prior years, friendly SCBWI members will be there to welcome you to the event.

Like James Brown said, it’s time to “Get up offa that thing.”

If you are reading this, chances are you are an SCBWI member, quite possibly in Southern California. That means you’re interested enough in writing and/or illustrating books that you’re willing to pay dues, go to mingles, take workshops, and generally give of your time and money to improve your craft. On Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23, you will have that opportunity at the largest book festival in the country, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Much of this event is FREE, and SCBWI will be there to make you feel welcome.

For the last several years, the Los Angeles Region has had a booth at the Festival where PAL members from the region sell their wares directly to future fans. This year, we’re teaming up with the SoCal (Orange County) Region for one big SCBWI fest.

What does this mean for you?

Besides a chance to buy books from some great writers and illustrators (click to view the booth schedule and more details about the presenters on the SCBWI website), you’ve got a spot on the USC campus to hang out, meet other members, compare notes about panels you might have attended, form an impromptu a capella band. Who knows, you might come out of it with a new crit group. So hop on the Metro to the USC campus and find us in booth 826 on Childs Way. We’ll keep the light on for you.

Spanning the entire USC campus, the Festival offers two full days of opportunity for area book lovers to meet, mingle, launch, and learn.

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R.S. Mellette is on the board of SCBWI-L.A. and the author of Kiya And The Morian Treasure and Billy Bobble Makes A Magic Wand.

Images provided by the author.