Kite Tales is a blog published by the Los Angeles region of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for the SCBWI Tri-Regions of Southern California. Information published in Kite Tales does not constitute an endorsement by SCBWI and/or SCBWI-L.A.

Who’s Who in Kite Tales

Kite Tales Co-Managing Editor*: Jessica Chrysler

Kite Tales Co-Managing Editor: Farrha Khan

Kite Tales Proofreader: Noel Csermak

Kite Tales Feature Contributor: Christine Van Zandt

SCBWI-CenCal Contributing Editor: Ann Rousseau Smith

Assistant Editor: Open Position, please apply here.


Who’s Who in SCBWI- Los Angeles
web: losangeles.scbwi.org
email: losangeles@scbwi.org

Regional Advisors*: Sally Jones Rogan and Nutschell Windsor

Assistant RA*: Kim Wildman

Illustrator Coordinator*: Lisze Bechtold

Published Author Liaison*: Robert Mellette

Mingle-Meister*: Jennifer S. Pitts

Contest Coordinator*: Brenda Scott Royce

Social Media Coordinator*: Jean Lizotte Grabow

Webmaster*: Jill Tuckman

Regional Advisor Emeritus*: Judith Ross Enderle, Stephanie Jacob Gordon, Marilyn Morton, Claudia Harrington and Edie Pagliasotti

Critiquenic Coordinators: Daka Hermon and Sue Ganz-Schmitt

*denotes SCBWI-L.A. advisory board position


 LitMingle Coordinators:

Antelope Valley: Kay Slowey-Slyand Nancy Whitesides

SFV-Montrose Writers & Illustrators: Jennifer Swainand Todd Horinouchi

SFV Writers & Illustrators: Karen Sampson and Victoria VanVleet

South Bay Writers & Illustrators: Jen Minichand Diana Otto

South LA Writers: Jean Perry

West San Gabriel Valley Writers: Ronna Mandel and Kyle Herrman

Westchester Writers: Saundra Davis and Renee Carter

Westside Illustrators: Suzy Block

Westside Writers: Laurie Young and Rebecca Light

SCBWI International Executive Office:

President: Steve Mooser

Executive Director: Lin Oliver

Community Marketing and Engagement Director: Tammy Brown

Illustration and Artist Programs: Sarah Baker

Logistics Coordinator: Brandon Clarke

Administrative Assitant: Jess Costello

Awards and Grants Coordinator and Publications Manager: Sarah Diamond

Event Coordinator and Writer-At-Large: Laurie Miller

Web Developer and Database Administrator: Joshua Smith

Director of Special Projects: Kim Turrisi

Regional Advisor Coordinator (US): Tracy Barrett

International Regional Advisor Chairperson: Kathleen Ahrens

Assistant Regional Advisor Coordinator: Patricia Wiles

Assistant International Advisor: Angela Cerrito

US Illustrator Coordinator: Priscilla Burris

International Illustrator Coordinator: Dana Carey

International Published Authors’ Coordinator: Mina Witteman

International Awards and Publications Coordinator: Christopher Cheng

For general info, membership & other national SCBWI business:

4727 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 U.S.




3 thoughts on “About”

  1. OK, thanks Sarah! I appreciate it. ~Laura


  2. Hello, I’m a new self-published author & I just joined SCBWI. I have not gone to any meetings yet, but I really would like to connect with someone that has experience in “licensing”. I was approached by a company that wants to buy-out my story/art for a flat-fee or would consider a royalty deal…. where they have rights to print my book & sell through their distribution channel. I have no idea what’s “normal”. I live in Orange County, CA (Newport Beach). If anyone is in area, I’ll buy you coffee to get your insight! Thank you. ~LK


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