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Dear Editor – I think my YA novel is finished but would like to show it to other people for feedback. Where can I find a critique group?
—Effie, Culver City

Dear Effie – Congratulations on finishing your novel! A critique group is a smart step. Living in Los Angeles, there are plenty of people locally if you want to workshop with them in person.

FINDING CRITIQUE GROUPS: A great place to start is with SCBWI. Once you’re logged in, Los Angeles critique groups are listed under “Critique Exchange.” The Los Angeles chapter also hosts an annual Critique Day (this year it was on June 3, 2018). These were previously called “Critiquenic.” You can find out more about them on Kite Tales.

Other options include Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles (LA Co-Regional Advisor, Nutschell Anne Windsor, is the founder), or go to Meet Up and look under “Writing” to see what’s available.

MORE INFORMATION ON CRITIQUE GROUPS: More information including “Starting a Critique Group” and “The Give & Take of Critique” can be found in SCBWI’s annual reference guide The Book: The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, 2018. Once you’re logged into your SCBWI account, download The Book for free. Or, you can buy a print copy for $6.25 plus shipping (which starts as low as ~$3.80).


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Answers by Christine Van Zandt, professional freelance editor and owner of Write for Success Editing Services.

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